Kellogg Voorhis Legacy Society

Kellogg Voorhis Legacy Society

The history of Cal Poly Pomona dates back to 1938 when Charles B. Voorhis donated his 157-acre Oak Knoll Ranch to serve as the southern branch of Cal Poly. In 1949 W.K. Kellogg contributed his 813-acre hilltop Arabian horse ranch to expand what has become the campus of the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. Both of these men had a vision for a future in which young people would be educated and trained to become leaders in a host of career fields.

Today we honor the legacy of the men who gave birth to this exceptional university with a student enrolment of 26, 443 and an alumni base that totals more than 150,000. They were men of vision, commitment, and determination. Like-wise, the Kellogg Voorhis Legacy Society honors those far-sighted individuals dedicated to ensuring that a quality education and preparation for career leadership continues well into the future.

How to become a Member

Members of the Kellogg Voorhis Legacy Society are recognized for the steps they have taken to include a gift to Cal Poly Pomona through their estate plan. To become a member, we recognize those individuals who completed any of the following:

  • Named Cal Poly Pomona as a beneficiary of a will or trust
  • Contributed to a Charitable Gift Annuity
  • Contributed to a Charitable Remainder Trust
  • Made a donation to a Charitable Lead Trust
  • Designated Cal Poly Pomona as beneficiary of a Life Insurance Policy
  • Designated Cal Poly Pomona as a beneficiary of an IRA or other retirement fund
  • Created a life estate with a personal residence, land, or vacation property

You may already qualify for membership. Alumni, faculty, staff, parents of students, friends and supporters are invited to become members of this prestigious group. The university acknowledges this group as an essential partner in shaping its future.

Benefits of Membership

Members of the Kellogg Voorhis Legacy Society receive the following benefits:

  • Invitations to special events on and off campus
  • Unique society membership lapel pin
  • Special letter from the President of the University
  • Name included in publications and website
  • Potential to name a permanent fund
  • Satisfaction of making a difference in the lives of our student

There are many opportunities to make a gift to Cal Poly Pomona from your estate plans. To learn how you can personally benefit please visit our website, or contact Vincent J. Fraumeni, Director of Planned Giving at (909)-869-4825 or Cal Poly Pomona, 3801 West Temple Avenue, Pomona, CA 91768

KVLS Membership Roster

Honor Roll Listing

Dr. Sonia L. Blackman
Dr. Sid Blumner
Barbara Jean Bruin
Lance and Elena Calvert
Nadine Carlton
JoAnn Carter-Wells
Peter Castro
Annie Chin Siu
Kathleen G. Clarke
James & Susan Degan
Steven and Marian Dodge
William Doub
Larry K. Emlet
Estate of Ms. Geraldine C. Wolfe
Martin Evanson and Carol Evanson
Louis Fossum and Barbara Erickson
John & Rostrina Flaig
Philip E. Gladis
Brigitte H. Goehler
Ann Gregg
Ronald W. Gregoire
Sylvia Hall
Kathleen & Edward Harcharik
Cindy A. Havenhill
Christine Hayes
Robert J. Heber
Stephen Hess and Susan Hess
Cherie Hill
Raymond Hudson
Don B. Huntley
Ihab Issa and Suzanne Issa
Patricia Janesh
Bruce M. Jewett
Carol A. Kane
Steven T. Kikuchi
Keith Soon and Sung Kim
John M. Kin
Rev. Dr. Steven A. Kin
Marjorie Kriege
Jack H. and Suzanne Kulp
Stanley Kyker and Cathy Kyker
Esther Leffler
W.B. Butch Lindley and Vivien Lindley
Gerald Maio and Cybel Maio
Joan Marikovits
Anthony and Terri Marraccino
Matthew B. McMaster
Thomas Meikle
Scott Mercer
Mary Mogge and Allen Holliday
Gary Montgomery
William Muzzy and Liz Moore
Tina Muto-Wong and Dale Wong
Shirley B. Newell
Mary O'Neil
Michael Oppenheim
Dennis Otsuji and Elaine Otsuji
Robert Palmer
Ira Pemstein
Donald F. Putnam
Patsy Quatrochi
Linda Ramey
J. Douglas Ramsey
Leslie Sperber Reid
Dorothy and Kent Roberts
Byron Robinette and Marilyn Robinette
Cheryl Robinson and Barry Robinson
Carol Nevin Rundback
Arleen Segal and Mickey Segal
Kenneth D. Simmons
Dr. J. Ernest Simpson and Mrs. J. Ernest Simpson
David P. Singelyn
Mark Skowronski and Linda Skowronski
Michael Smith
Velma Smith
Tina Strand and Peter Strand
Kheng See Ang and Lawrence Taff
Alan and Stephanie Tarkington
Rene Trevino and Carla Trevino
John L. Vargas
Stephen C. Willen
Wayne S. Wooden
Sean Yu and Christine Yu
*in memoriam